The Inspiring Open podcast series is a project of Wiki In Africa‘s Wiki Loves Women project.

Wiki Loves Women’s goal is to increase the visibility of women online and give them a voice, by informing, mobilising, and training people to add factual content that reflects women’s experiences.

The Inspiring Open podcasts will showcase and celebrate inspiring women leaders within (and aligned to) the open movements, with a strong focus on Africa. The interview-format podcast will ask these exceptional women leaders to interrogate what “being open” means to them, and share their journeys, achievements, challenges, and motivations, and ultimately, the women who inspired them.

Open and aligned communities are being asked to nominate the female leaders that have inspired them. These women may be in the open movement already, or their personal philosophy could be focused on transparency, openness, collaboration, and access. They could be from the arts, culture, and education sectors, be involved in politics, advocacy, and human rights, or lead knowledge and memory institutions … whoever she is, we would like to hear about her!

Inspiring Open will provide meaningful, culturally sensitive content that celebrates the achievements of women where gender-equity intersects with Open Movement initiatives. It will raise the global visibility and profile of the currently underrepresented women in this sector.

The podcast is designed to inspire present and future women from all walks of life to consider adopting “open” practices as their ‘normal’ when they navigate their future paths; placing opportunities of the open movement and digital media platforms top of mind. Each podcast will empower listeners by imparting alternative ideas, pathways, tips, solutions, and opportunities to underserved communities across the African continent.

In these ways, it helps to redefine what Chimamanda Adichie calls the Single Story of Africa for both African and global audiences (especially South/South). The podcast series amplify, through their own voices, the experiences of the featured guests.

The Inspiring Women Podcast Series will profile exceptional women across the Open Movement and create online content that celebrates the laudable achievements of Africa’s open feminists. It is hoped that the women who listen to the podcasts will be inspired to get involved. They will also learn that:

  1. They can become part of the Open Movement, and can actively contribute if not lead.
  2. If they dare to try, and they succeed, it will be an important and visible contribution, while also being part of a wider community and having fun.
  3. They learn new organizational and leadership skills that can be reused in other contexts.
  4. They will extend their personal and professional network and thus their area of influence.

The podcast will go live in early 2022!

Inspiring Open has been funded as part of the Goethe-Institut‘s International Relief Fund 2021. It was co-created by the Wiki in Africa co-founders Florence and Isla, and will be run by the Wiki Loves Women team that includes Administrative Assistant, Candy Khohliwe. Once created, the series will be available online on all the main podcast platforms, under a free licence (CC BY SA). It will be free to access and free to share, redistribute, reuse, and remix.

How can you be involved?