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Coinciding with the celebrations around 15 years of Wikipedia, the Wiki Loves Women project launched on the 15th January 2016 with the #15Challenge writing contest on French and English Wikipedias.

A minimum of 15 teams were challenged to write one article each to result in at least 15 articles that highlight notable African women.

By the end of the contest, 15 English teams (27 participants), 18 French teams (24 participants) and 1 Armenian team (4 participants – this was not planned, but super!) produced 71 new biographical articles in English, 122 new biographical articles in French and 41 new articles in Armenian.

The winning articles were:

English contest

French contest

  • Best French article : [[Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge]] from Cbyd and HenriDavel (Equipe Parce-qu’elles-le-valent-bien)
  • Best French team : Equipe Parce-qu’elles-le-valent-bien  with Cbyd and HenriDavel, for writing no less than 30 articles (not counting the winning article) of very good quality.
  • Best French solo team : Équipe France-Afrique with Sg7438 and his beautiful [[Makobo Modjadji]]
  • Best French media : Equipe Mboa with Geiger, Leuwec and Charlotte Pelagie, for being the only team providing an original picture to illustrate [[Kah Walla]]
  • Best French cooperation : Benoît Prieur, for his improvements to many of his competitors articles

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Wiki Loves Women is a 15 month project conceptualized and run by Isla Haddow-Flood and Florence Devouard in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut,  In 2016, the Wiki Loves Women project will be activated in four countries. The project documentation and its outcome are published under CC BY SA 4.0