Carolyn Seaman

Focus Group: Nigeria

Carolyn Seaman is a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience advancing girls’ and women’s rights. She is a Social Entrepreneur, Tech Evangelist, Filmmaker, Girl Expert, Founder and Creative Director of Girls Voices Initiative, a non-profit that educates and empowers girls and women to identify their voices to advocate for their rights; and to use technology and digital media to amplify their voices to wide audiences, particularly policymakers. Carolyn is a TechWomen Fellow, Women Leader of the World Fellow, World Pulse Ambassador and Advanced Digital Changemaker. Carolyn was named on the 2021 FemiList 100 women, 100 Most Influential Civil Society Leaders in Nigeria, 107 Gender Justice Advocates, Top 21 Women Leaders to Watch in 2021, Humanitarian Awards Global’s Most Distinguished Women Change Maker in Africa 2020-2021, Nigeria’s 20 Most Innovative Women in Tech, 50 Most Outstanding Female Pacesetters in Africa, Nigeria’s 100 Women in Tech and 5 Most Innovative Women in Tech in Nigeria.