Wiki Loves Women is a project of Wiki In Africa in support of the WikiAfrica movement, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut from 2016-7 and supported in 2018-9 by the Wikimedia Foundation. The project has been operational in 8 countries: intensively in Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, and on an event-only basis in South Africa and Zimbabwe (through WikiGap and the Swedish Embassy in Harare). As with most projects that are part of the Open Movement, many partners and collaborators are involved at a project level and within each country.

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Wiki Loves Women is an independent project on Wikipedia in support of the aims of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Content partners in …


ASAFE is : a non-profit organisation, created in 1987, in which professionals support and assist the  micro, small and medium sized  entreprises  in   general. A support and development structure in view of the promotion and the emancipation of  women  entrepreneurs and  youths of the underprivileged psyche, that do not generally  have  access to services of existing institutions (state structures of assistance and training, classic banks, etc).

ASAFE addresses in priority to underprivileged women in the urban and rural areas, but also to the jobless youths in search for jobs, holder or not  of diplomas from higher or secondary institutions of learning, and  youths of the informal sector, as well as to those from redundancies of enterprises victim of the economic crisis and recession.

At the heart of the preoccupations of ASAFE is found the constant concern to liberate the human potential for wealth creation.

ACTIVSPACES is a Tech incubator and its aim is to create and develop an ecosystem which enables the development of technologies in Cameroon. Being a non-profit organisation, ActivSpaces  helps startups in the Technology area by offering them a free working space, an internet connexion and a mentoring program.
Dynamique des femmes de la diplomatie camerounaise is a gender equality promoting frame which enhances women working as diplomats and reinforces their intellectual capabilities. The talents of diplomats are promoted throughout the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops, fairs, exhibitions and publication of documents for the purpose of informing the public about this group activities and about the outcomes of its research and the dissemination of collected information during the national and international meetings.

CAMEROON O’BOSSO  is a citizen-based organisation. Its aim is to enable different groups from the Cameroon society to organise and defend their interests for the well-being of the society.  It’s been created within a bad governance context which brings social injustice, youth unemployment, marginalisation and exclusion  of certain groups. Cameroon O’Bosso strives to improve the living conditions of each Cameroonian with its personal commitment. >>


LOGO WCIC copie_01

Women’s Counselling and Information Centre (WCIC).

The benefit of the WCIC association compared to all the other associations that are already working to defend women’s rights in Cameroon, is that it gives them easy access to justice. >>


Women’s Leadership Network-Cameroun WLN-C

It’s a not for profit organisation which aim is to promote women leadership in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general. The short term aim is to encourage girlhood to be leaders, and the long term aim is to place women from Cameroon at the heart of society’s change. This partnership allows us to share our news about workshops and other meetings. We are also planning on a raining sessions for the women from the association.




REO LogoReach Out Cameroon

Is the vision of Madam Omam Esther Njomo and a group of medical doctors, gender analyst, social workers, nurses, community relay and agronomists who were concerned with the plight of the rural masses especially those in the hard to reach areas, also known as minority groups such as widows, sigle mothers, displaced women and their families, female school dropouts, orphans and vulnerable children and Hiv/Aids infected and affected persons. This association helped us to put a foot in the english speaking region of Cameroon and has also put us in contact with women associations and local figures. >>


Linux Friends Association
Is an institute of free computer training programs. Their aim is to empower the youths, especially the underprivileged. This is done through training, They help young boys and girls not only to have computers for themselves, but to make them know how to use it. Located in Limbé in the English Speaking region. >>



logo Ovillage

Ovillage is a third location and an open source located in Abdjan in Ivory Coast and more precisely in the area of zone 4 in Marcory. It defines itself as a collective intelligence and digital social innovation space where young people learn to use free softwares and all in a sharing of knowledge spirit. This is a space that is neither an office nor a home but one that widens the field of possibilities and counts several young Ivorians, entrepreneurs, employees, free lance, teleworkers, independent workers and project directors. They all come from different backgrounds but meet in this place to exchange, discuss, share, collaborate and innovate together. The culture of this space is Free, based on a free, independent and skilled community.

logo Akendewa (1)

Akendewa is a non-governmental organisation from the Ivory Coast. Created in August 2009 by 11 founding members, including the web-activist Edith Brou, this association counts today several hundreds of members. Since its creation, Akendewa actively works for the development of Information and Communication Technologies in Africa and especially on the Ivorian territory. This NGO has also been recognised for its social actions during the socio-politic crisis that took place in the Ivory Coast in 2010. It is also at the basis of several projects such as #SheIsTheCode, a code initiation project aimed at young girls. 

logo-e-voir (1)
Network and training partner, E-voir is a Web Marketing and Media agency which hosts Wikimédia Côte d’Ivoire headquarter and saw the execution of 80% of our activities

Jeune Africain Moderne is a group of friends who believe in african youth dynamism, in its créative and in its ability to actively contribue to development. Through culture and empowerment, Jeune Africain Moderne works towards the idea of making Africa known, show off its values and promote entrepreneurship. JAM is a content partner(quality images) and a networking one.

2015-12-08T194146Z_253906396_GF10000259057_RTRMADP_3_IVORYCOAST-FRANCE-POLITICS_0L’Assemblée Nationale de Côte d’Ivoire is a content and networking partner. Thanks to the Archive branch of ANCI, we managed to get data on Les femmes parlementaires ivoiriennes.


Le Caucus des Femmes Parlementaire de Côte d’Ivoire
This collaboration is a result of our partnership with the Ivorian National Assembly.


Lagozi is a blog about cinema, written by Sonia Guiza, a young ivorian acivist who has a passion for cinema. Thanks to her account Youtube, Lagozi allows people to understand cinema in simple terms. Thanks to her we managed to get in touch with Kadhy Touré and are planning a working session with her


10679854_504763403000034_3963585466851548915_o-1Tech Needs Girls is a movement and a mentorship program to get more girls to create technology. Our mission is mentoring girls to lead and innovate through learning to code. We currently have 2065 girls enrolled in our Tech Needs Girls program with 15 mentors who are all either computer scientist or engineers. They serve as mentors and role models and teach the girls to code. We are currently working with girls from the slum and ensuring that each girl gets to go to university instead of being forced into early marriage. >>Read More 


983808_797420953643141_6116566125806387961_nHopin presents the best educational content online, apps and tools and transforms it into a strong self-directed learning experience via coaching, P2P learning, mentoring, projects and experimental learning in a physical setting. >> Read More 


odekro-logo-lgOdekro, seeks to empower communities and marginalised populations to promote transparency, accountability and democratic governance through citizen action and engagement with relevant government agencies. Specifically, the intervention will focus on the Parliament/Legislature of Ghana. >> Read More


Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA) is an NGO that seeks to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities in West Africa, through open education and education programs, digitising open resources, preserving cultural and heritage items for educational purposes and promoting contents about the West African region and existent countries.  >> Read More 


Women who codeWomen Who Code Women Who Code is a global non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. >>Read more
The Fabulous Woman Network Logo (1)The Fabulous Women Network is an organization which aims to celebrate, develop and inspire women to shine. Founded by Ama Duncan a female  corporate Trainer it has organized several events for over 500 women and helped over 5 women start their own businesses. >>Read more
12088027_413728575502931_6172784244131541477_nPRAAD is the national body that keeps all governmental archives and records.


Picture1Women of Rubies (WoR) is a capacity building and inspirational platform for the celebration of women of substance in the society. We believe that women are nurturers by nature, and when these women nurture their God-given abilities, the world is better for it.Through our weekly column in The GUARDIAN newspaper and our website we seek to educate, inform, inspire and motivate Nigerian and African women to be the best they can be and contribute positively towards nation building. We seek to empower women to become change agents.
CEE-HOPE LogoEstablished in 2013, the Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that engages with and fights for the rights, welfare and wellbeing of the most vulnerable of Nigerian children, especially the girl child. It carries out empowerment activities in urban slums and remote areas of Nigeria targeted at the most at-risk children. CEE-HOPE also speaks on the children’s behalf to authorities, and or challenges forces that interfere with their wellbeing.

The Arise Nigerian Woman Foundation was founded in 2010 when Nigeria turned 50. It was founded to accentuate the contribution of the Nigerian Woman to Nation Building. Arise Nigerian Woman believes that the Nigerian woman has a lot to offer across the board, but is often confined to set roles in the society.

With a team of six amazing board members, Arise Nigeria boasts of its ability to manage complex and demanding relationship in working at the federal, state and local government. Arise Nigeria is a member of several platforms and has taken on leadership position on several occasions. Visit:

wocon logoWomen’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) was founded in 1995 by Bisi Olateru-Olagbegi, a female lawyer, and three other professional women to address the challenge of the gap created between the laws and policies on women’s rights and the implementation of such laws and policies. WOCON is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization with United Nations (ECOSOC) special consultative status, committed to the promotion and enforcement of Women’s and children’s Rights especially girls and the attainment of equality development and peace.

ppb-logo-copy-2The Project PINK BLUE- Health & Psychological Trust Centre is defined by dynamic change agents who are engaged in creating awareness on cancer, providing free cancer screenings, supporting women battling with cancer, providing patient navigation through 08000CANCER(08000226237), providing palliative care to women battling with advanced breast cancer, advocacy and mobilising volunteers for medical missions to poor, rural and hard-to-reach communities. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of cancer and phase-out late/advanced diagnosis of cancer in Nigeria. We are passionate about changing the way our people think about cancer in Nigeria, as we are driven by the fanatic passion to contribute to the change we want to see in Nigeria’s healthcare sector!

Project PINK BLUE work with breast cancer survivors who lead the advocacies and campaign against cancer; with a direct impact to over 1235 women, we have been recognized with the noble and prestigious CIVICUS Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Award at the International Civil Society Week, Johannesburg, South Africa; Winner, Global Shapers Community Abuja I AM BOLD Award & Grant at Shape Africa, Abuja; Semi-Finalist in the Big C Competition by LiveSTRONG Foundation, Austin, USA; One of the 1000 enterprises of Tony Elumelu Entreprenuership Programme (TEEP), 2015 and Winner of Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) SPARC MBC Challenge Grant 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

Visit to learn more, follow us on social media @projectpinkblue

wteclogoThe Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is a Nigerian nonprofit organisation, which builds the capacities of Nigerian girls and women, to increase their economic power and ability to speak about issues affecting their lives, through information and communication technology (ICT)-based training and projects. This is done through technology literacy training, mentoring, work placement and research.

W.TEC works in partnership with corporate organisations, local and international NGOs, educational and research organisations. W.TEC was set-up in January 2008 and conceived in response to research that showed that although ICTs significantly contribute to a nation’s development and growth, women – who make-up approximately half of Nigeria’s population – are severely lagging behind in their knowledge and use of technology.

techher-logoTechHer is a social enterprise founded by Chioma Agwuegbo in August 2015 to respond to the gap in retention as far as women working in technology is concerned. The Community hinged on learning, support, and collaboration pushes opportunities for social change through peer education, knowledge updates, and strategic initiatives that broaden economic empowerment opportunities. TechHer is currently undergoing registration as a social enterprise, and will actively pursue regional impact across Nigeria, especially in underserved areas. TechHer is currently grant-funded but is evolving to operate and implement programs and interventions that will not only be self-sustaining, but a source of revenue for its members.
She Writes Woman LOGO pngShe Writes Woman (SWW) is a movement of love, hope and support for women living with mental illnesses. We seek to ensure that people living with mental disorders are believed, understood and supported. It is no longer enough that mental health is left only to mental health professionals to speak about. We believe that warriors of mental disorders are given a safe space to speak freely about their experiences without being stigmatized. It is of utmost importance that we take back the narrative of people living with mental disorders and end stigma one conversation at a time.By taking back the narrative, we are giving mental illness a voice in Nigeria. We are creating awareness using creativity, art, positivity and spirituality. We are ensuring that no one ever has to go through this journey alone. We are damning the consequences and owning our stories through it all. We hope that with these, we can get more and more people to see the importance of mental health and why treatment should be sought. Essentially, we are connecting pain with hope.
SWOFONSmall Scales Women Farmers Organization of Nigeria (SWOFON) is a coalition of smallholder women farmer groups across Nigeria working together to promote women-friendly agricultural policies and women’s Access to land.


Media Concern Initiative – for Women and Children (MediaCon) is a Non – Governmental Organization working in the field of sexual violence prevention and crisis response in Nigeria and Africa.

MediaCon was founded in 2000 by Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode, a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse and rape. She began creating public awareness through a national media campaign which succeeded in breaking the silence and also setting off massive number of disclosures by victims from all parts of the country. Realizing the impact of sexual violence on the Nigerian society, she also sought institutional supports to meet the needs of child and adult victims to mitigate the long-term effects on the health, safety, and productivity of Nigeria.


Blackface Media is a subsidiary of Thrazel Nigeria Limited.

It is a multi-dimensional media platform for information dissemination and for championing knowledge-based ideas in the pursuit of truth in its entirety.

Specifically, we specialize in branding People, Products, Organisations & Events. Our strength is based on in-depth research of activities, which culminates as special reports embedded with fact and reality. Fb: