On the 20th October, at the Gender Gap panel for the Creative Commons Virtual Global Summit, the SheSaid campaign was launched. The SheSaid drive is aimed at improving the visibility of women across Wikimedia projects by creating new or improving already existing Wikiquote entries that are related to them.

Why the SheSaid campaign?

One reason is to balance the representation of gender in the entries of Wikiquote. The other is to show that women’s quotes are less likely to be featured than men’s. Here are a few statistics:

  • On the English Wikiquote main page on 6th of Oct 2020, in the Selected people section… 29 men are featured and only 4 women (check out the screenshot below…)
  • There are 233 women who have a featured article on either French or English Wikipedias… with no entry on the French Wikiquote check it out
  • There are 141 women featured article on the English Wikipedia with no Wikiquote entry check it
  • There are 519 women listed on the French Wikiquote check it and 3117 men listed check it out

Obviously, not all women say good quotes that would make a Wikiquote entry worth it. Still…

SheSaid runs until the 20h of December 2020. We hope you will take part! Find out more and join the campaign here.