Join the Wiki Loves Women’s annual #SheSaid campaign over October and November!

Wiki Loves Women’s annual #SheSaid campaign focuses on bridging the gender divide and unearthing women’s voices by celebrating them and increasing their visibility online through Wikiquote. #SheSaid is a Wiki In Africa campaign for Wiki Loves Women. it is run by members of the Wikimedia Communities who activate interested and passionate people and train them to contribute to Wikiquote and the Wikimedia projects. 

#SheSaid re-balances the representation of genders online through two key focuses: 

  • Ensuring women’s achievements and voices are heard and more visible on Wikiquote,
  • To celebrate, inspire and empower women to add content about women that inspire and motivate their own success through Wikiquote.

In 2020 the campaign was entirely online. This year we are excited to announce that the online component is accompanied by activities happening in Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

WikiQuote is like Wikipedia – anyone can edit – to do it well, you need to follow a number of steps. There are a number of Wiki Loves Women #SheSaid events are happening across Africa. Join us to contribute to the #SheSaid Campaign and add your entries on Wikiquote.

Get involved …

In-person events are taking place in Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Around the world, online language communities are adding quotes in Italian, Spanish, Frech, etc. 

Find your community:

Contribute to #SheSaid on Wikiquote with these simple steps :

  1. Register on the Wikimedia projects. Register here.
  2. Watch this video on how to contribute to Wikiquote.
  3. Search for quotes said by notable women online (keep a record of where you found the quote mentioned).
  4. Source quotes from reliable sources. Reputable news sites, books, newspapers, and journals are considered reliable sources.
  5. Add the quotes to Wikiquote and ensure that there is a short biography about the woman you are featuring.
  6. Add #SheSaid in the “edit summary” section before you click “publish”.
  7. Add links and references to the source to your quotation.
  8. Let everyone know what you’ve been doing on social media! Share using the hashtag #SheSaid.
  9. Follow the #SheSaid campaign on Facebook or Twitter @WikiLovesWomen

To find out more about the #SheSaid Campaign – and how to be involved – at this campaign page.