Wiki Loves Women‘s #SheSaid campaign, which aims to redress the imbalance of gender representation on Wikiquote, continues to impact the visibility of women with new and improved articles being added in 12 languages since the 2022 project launched in October.

In early December, over mid-way through the campaign and heading towards its end in December, Wikiquotes added during the SheSaid drive have been enthusiastically embraced by the Ukrainian and Italian communities. The Catalan, English, Spanish, Bengali, and French communities are still to keep up with their other colleagues. In other exciting results. the Igbo, Tagalog and Bikol Wikiquote portals have moved out of Wikimedia’s project incubator!

Citizens of Ukraine — where perhaps the need to preserve their voices for future generations is keenly felt, now more than ever — lead the way with 368 tagged #SheSaid entries uploaded to Ukrainian Wikiquote by the end of October.

Interested in getting involved, but don’t know where to start?

If English is your language, then you can head off to the SheSaid portal page on English Wikiquote. (There is a list of other language portals below.) If you put your target person’s name in the “Add a new person” field – a template will magically engage and guide you through the process (tell you what to add where).

Wiki In Africa’s Florence Devaourd has created the informative walkthrough above on How to Edit Wikiquote. So that is also an excellent place to start!

There are still over 20 days of the campaign to go … head over to these portal pages to get started!

All queries may be found on Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid/Resources and Tools Click on queries to see articles with #sheSaid tags

Other dedicated pages

Wiki Loves Women’s Focus Group members across Africa