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She Writes Woman (SWW) is a movement of love, hope and support for women living with mental illnesses. We seek to ensure that people living with mental disorders are believed, understood and supported. It is no longer enough that mental health is left only to mental health professionals to speak about. We believe that warriors of mental disorders are given a safe space to speak freely about their experiences without being stigmatized. It is of utmost importance that we take back the narrative of people living with mental disorders and end stigma one conversation at a time.
By taking back the narrative, we are giving mental illness a voice in Nigeria. We are creating awareness using creativity, art, positivity and spirituality. We are ensuring that no one ever has to go through this journey alone. We are damning the consequences and owning our stories through it all. We hope that with these, we can get more and more people to see the importance of mental health and why treatment should be sought. Essentially, we are connecting pain with hope.
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