Wiki Loves Women Tanzania 9th Event – Her 2 Her Chat 6th of April 2019

First of we’d love to appreciate all of you who made it to this event. You’re amazing and adorable.

The fact that you were able to spare time on a day like Saturday, to join us, we truly honor your effort and we believe Her2Her event, added something positive to you and the whole concept of why Wiki Loves Women exist.
A little for you to know. Wiki Loves women was designed for a good purpose, of encouraging the of quality information on African women to be published on, and made widely available via, Wikipedia.
Since started last year (2018) August here in Tanzania, we’ve managed to write over 70+ Articles of notable women and publish them on Wikipedia. This was contributed by volunteers who loves to edit and participate on Wikipedia activities in general. Which we believe you are soon to become one of us and we are excited to receive you, as the door are open.

Her2Her Chat Event  (9th Event of Wiki Loves women)

This was our 9 event before the last one which will happen on last weekend of this month of APril 2019. We asked ourself, why seating down and write only ? How can we make sure theres a room for women to be part of this  journey, by inviting them.

Her2Her event was designed for a positive purpose, connecting women with other women from difference experiences and background, hear out loud their story and their views. Wiki Loves Women is also platform that cares and gives a community a form of investment in the project (Wiki Loves Women ), and how women are viewed and their voices are heard within the society.

We managed to invite six powerful, notable women who are successful within their fields, in many ways, and their impact within the society  is seen everyday within Tanzania and beyond.

Your notable to us in many ways

Session started with registration at knock knock hour desk from 09:00 to 09:40 sharp, followed up with Who’s stage – 10 minutes of hosts introductions which included She’s Bold, our host partner Seedspace Dar Es Salaam, and Wiki Loves Women the organizers of the event, then followed up with the Wiki Cafe Opening “just a term used to introduce the food corner / bar “, with light meals to support the discussion moving smoothly.
Her experience to Her session  took about 20 minutes giving a room to invited guests to share their story, challenges, tough moments and happy part of their journey, we appreciate Maria Sarungi Tsehai, Nancy Sumari, Gladness Deogratias, Abella Bateyunga and Mariam Nassor (Uber Driver) as well as Mrs. Lois Metili, for offering us their time, sharing their story and life experience, to number of young girls and women who attended the event.

Exciting moments 

On Her 2 Her table spinning things were interesting, mixing up the audience to hack around presented questions and quiz, it was more of thinking game, with the focus of Her future and how Wikipedia, Wiki Loves Women can support to make sure notable women of today are well recognized.  Within a hour of this discussion, with three minutes spin for five rounds, and replacement of our invited notable women guests, assignments were assigned to five tables.
Table one they had to argue around “How can we make sure the gender gap is covered” and “Who’s her and why she’s notable” table two task was  to discuss on “How can young girls be inspired by her?”, table three focused on “Who’s the future her” giving their best on defining the future notable women who’s a young girl today and all chances of exposure, the interesting part is table four wanted to know “Who’s behind her” is there enough support for her?, to finalize table five was Wikipedia corner with a mission of figuring out on “How can Wikipedia / Wiki Loves Women help” or be part if this.
We believe you found this session interesting, we will be happy to have you feed back by contributing your feedback to us.

Organizers and Partners

To our partners Seedspace Dar Es Salaam and She’s Bold Network, we appreciate you, and your contribution to impact and support women.

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