#SheSaid: Honoring the Influence of Women and Their Impactful Quotes

October 26, 2023By AfekCampaign, Community, Gender, SheSaid, Wiki Loves Women, Wikimedia, Wikiquote

In a world where women’s voices have often been muted or disregarded, it’s astonishing to realize that, despite their wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and distinctive perspectives, there’s a glaring absence of their quotes in our cultural narrative. This obvious void not only mirrors the historical sidelining of women but also underscores the necessity for a […]

Women on The Frontline of Climate – ISA Tell Us About Her 2023 Results

May 12, 2023By AfekISA Campaign, ISA Tool, Wiki in Africa, Wiki Loves Women, WikiCommons, Wikimedia

The Wiki Loves Women team continues celebrating women around the world by increasing their visibility on Wikipedia and its sister projects. For the fourth year in row, the WLW launched the ISA Tell Us About Her campaign which encourages participants to add relevant Wiki-data linked information to the images depicting women in the fields that […]