In continuation of one of the core objectives of Wiki Loves Women in Africa and also coping with the yearning of some of our country leading NGO, CEE-HOPE Nigeria re-invited Wikimedia UG Nigeria for another session of edit-a-thorn at their office premise on the 15th August, 2016.

The event expanded and created new article pages on Wikipedia in furtherance of our mission: CELEBRATION OF AFRICAN WOMEN.

DSC_2795 DSC_2796 DSC_2797 DSC_2779 DSC_2784 DSC_2788 DSC_2789 DSC_2793 DSC_2794

DSC_2778 DSC_2780 DSC_2782 DSC_2783 DSC_2785 DSC_2786 DSC_2787 DSC_2790 DSC_2791 DSC_2792 DSC_2795 DSC_2796 DSC_2797 DSC_2779