The 28th of October 2016 will stay an important date in the history of the Wikipedia/media community in Niger. The meeting, who took place in Homeland Hôtel in Niamey, between the President of the User Group de Côte d’Ivoire, Donatien Kangah, and the President of Femme & TIC Niger, Fatiman Alher, marked a future collaboration, via Wiki Loves Women.

Inspired by the diversity of the initiatives from Wikipedia, the young president of Femmes & TIC Niger, committed to mobilise her team to join the free encyclopaedia. She even volunteered to take part in Wiki Loves Women and Wikipedia/media.

This mobilisation will benefit from the Ivorian experience, via Wiki Loves Women, through an online coaching. There is also talk of immersion missions in Côte d’Ivoire and an improvement of technical and editorial capacities for future Wiki Loves Women volunteers &. The aim is to get to open a Nigerian User Group that is engaged and accepted by the Wikimedia movement before the end of 2018.

Fatiman is very enthusiastic about the project and bringing the whole Wikipedia/media community in Niger. Despite possible difficulties, she believes strongly in the project. Since 2004, she has been successful advocate of the new technologies among the nigerian women. Co-founder of the Open Street Map Niger, Fatiman Alher has managed to mobilise around thirty young women to take part in Femmes & TIC Niger. She can be considered as a pioneer.