On Thursday 20th of October 2016, a meeting took place between the Wikimedia User group team, the Caucus of the parliamentarian women and the Archive service from the National Assembly of the Ivory Coast, to discuss the Wiki Loves Women project.

‘Being able to produce quality content and illustrated by fiable sources on Ivorian Parliamentary women’: Here is one of the main reasons why Wikimedia User Group Côte d’Ivoire asked for support from the Causus des femmes parlementaires de Côte d’Ivoire and the Archive service from the National Assembly service to help with the Wiki Loves Women project. From the start of the meeting, Donatien Kanga, President of the User group and coordinator of all the Wiki Loves Women activities, introduced the project to the secretary of the caucus and to the manager of the Archive service.

Understanding fully the validity of the Wiki Loves Women project, the two managers decided to join forces and use their images (and to a certain extend the National Assembly one). During the discussions, 3 activities were short-listed:

Accessibility to public documentary ressources, which will facilitate new content on “Women and politic’, in particular on Ivorian parliamentarian women. The User Group offered a list of specific needs from the members of the team.

Organisation of a training workshop for the National Assembly staff, on how to contribute to Wikipédia and its ecosystem (mid-November)

Introduction of the project to the parliamentarian women. To that effect, the Caucus secretary will contact his superiors to organise a meeting as soon as possible.