Promoting Africa and its values on the Net. So is the main objective of Wiki Loves Africa (WLA) and Wiki Loves Women (WLW)projects. Wiki Loves Women works towards the appréciation of the african woman on Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia. Through articles and images…, the project allows to highlight the essential role of women in african society.

Wiki Loves Africa is an international photo competition which celebrates the diversity of african culture. Through this project, people can take pictures which reflect the cultural asset of the continent and then they can add on to Commons, the biggest and licence free media library in the world.

Having the same aim, the managers of both projects (WLA and WLW) are asked to collaborate and work together. Concretely, they have to:

  • Identify together actions to take and events to cover. « Brainstorming » must be the way to work as it appears more collaborative and more efficient. Taking into account their two respective themes, both teams will define their specific and common actions.
  • Organise common picture upload sessions. Once photos are taken – during common shooting sessions or separately -, the different project managers must organise as soon as possible common uploading sessions. During these sessions, they will help to add on to Commons and Wikipedia with the best descriptions and catégorisations.

By working together, Wiki Loves Africa and Wiki Loves Women will definitely contribute to more contributions and more contributors on Wikipédia and on Commons.

Evrard Aka