ISA campaign Tell Us About Her

In March 2021 the ISA campaign Tell Us About Her was launched once again under the theme for the Wiki Loves Women’s March drive called “ Women at work “aimed at adding relevant Wiki-data linked information to the images depicting women at work. The Isa is a user-friendly tool, multilingual and allows mobile-first ‘micro contributions’ that makes it easy for people to add structured data to images on Wikimedia Commons. For the month of March  ISA campaign Tell Us About Her results were as follows, 16295 images being described by 29 participants , who posted 87,787 descriptions

The top 5 contributors were;

Another highlight to mention in the month of March we had the IWD Conference hosted by the Wikimedia Foundations Nigeria Inc in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden. Held on Monday, 8th of March where Wiki In Africa’s Isla Haddow-Flood presented Mind the Gender Gap on Wikipedia about the impact of the Gender-Gap across the Wikimedia movement and what the movement is doing about it. A Wiki Loves Women prize has been offered to winners of the writing drive being held across Nigeria. Social media  was used to highlight other opportunities to be involved in content creation about women throughout March, detailed in a collaborative Gender Gap events page.