As part of the activities for the commemoration  of notable African women in Nigeria, Wikimedia UG Nigeria in partnership with Wiki Africa, Goethe-Institut and Women Consortium Organization of Nigeria (WOCON) with focus on Women in Civic Society and Humanity organised her third Wiki Loves Women’s event on the 29 July 2016.

The event was staged at the conference hall of WOCON . In attendance were over 30 delegates who were prepared to contribute to the success  of the project.

The event succeeded in creating new four (4) articles on the main pages of wikipedia  like :

  1. Gender inequalities in Nigeria,
  2. Foluke Adeboye,
  3. Official Page of Women Consortium of Nigeria ( WOCON);
  4. Women Empowerment in Nigeria


We also, expanded three (3) main Wikipedia pages  while over 30 images were added to Wikimedia Common under the category: Wiki Loves Women -Event in Nigeria.


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