Celebrated every year on the 31st of July, the International Day of African Women (IDAF) has been initiated in 1962 during the creation of the first African Women organisation named « Conférence des Femmes Africaines ». This historical day has been enacted by the UN and the OAU on the 31st of July 1963.

This celebration offers a time for african women to exchange with their governments to discuss problems linked to their well-being as well as the development of the continent.

Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire also took part in this celebration. The association « WOMEN Engaging the World » which wants to change the world by encouraging and developing Women leadership in Africa has organised an evening named « AFRICANISTAZ », on Saturday 30th of July at the Village KI-Yi sis in Cocody Riviéra.

The main event of the evening was a lively debate with 3 active women who agreed on the fact that the african woman is a born-entrepreneur and through her values and education, she contributes to build a stronger society, ready to tackle any challenge she can face.

The evening was also entertaining with the traditional dance « Tématé » from the west of the country, a mini unplugged concert, a défilé of traditional and modern outfits and a cocktail reception.

At the end of the evening, the association Wikimedia, represented by its Vice-Président, obtained the agreement from the association « WOMEN Engaging the World » to sign a partnership contract in the context of « Wiki Loves Women project ».